4 Awesome Shade Trees for Your Pool

Shade Trees for Your Pool

Planting trees around your pool can enhance the aesthetics and comfort of your swimming pool. Trees provide shade and add beauty and interest to your landscaping. Before you begin digging to plant your trees, however, you should consider the best options for the longevity of your pool and your back. Certain trees and shrubs can drop leaves, buds, flowers, and more, causing your filter to clog and giving you more to clean. Follow our best picks for shade trees for your pool.

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Banana Tree

The Banana tree brings a tropical feel to your backyard landscaping, perfect for summer poolside fetes. As a warm-climate plant, the banana tree grows very well in 9-10 hardiness zonesmaking it a great fit for South Carolina weather. These plants are also fairly easy to care for. With regular fertilizing and pruning, the banana tree adds to your pool landscaping with minimal effort. These are the perfect shade trees for your pool!

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Palm Trees

Another tropical-themed plant, the palm tree brings instant visions of the Caribbean and California coast to any backyard. The palm offers shade and d├ęcor with minimal effort and grow best in 8-10 hardiness zones. Because the roots grow straight down, palms are ideal to plant near the pool. When planting the new palm, use a stake to stabilize it and prevent heavy winds from blowing it over. Once established, maintain your palm by pruning dead fronds.

Citrus shade trees for your pool

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Citrus Trees

Citrus trees not only offer a beautiful addition to your pool landscape, but they also bring a bounty of edible fruit! From tart to sweet, citrus trees offer a variety of fruit and color options to liven up your landscaping. The kumquat is a great citrus tree option to plant near your pool. They grow well in containers, giving you the option to move the plant to safer space during bad weather. They also bloom in the summer offering a beautiful view and bounty for the picking! This is why we highly recommend citrus for shade trees for your pool.


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Holly Shrub

As an evergreen, holly provides greenery to your landscaping year-round. The thick leaves can be pruned and shaped, creating a canopy for shade over your pool. Many varieties of holly have pointed leaves and can be painful to fall into, an important factor to keep in mind when planting the holly shrub near your pool. However, with little upkeep and debris, this plant makes a great addition to your poolside garden. The Chinese holly grows well in the South Carolina climate and has small, thick leaves. It can grow up to 25 feet and does well in full sun, a winning rapport for your pool planting picks!

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