Reasons to Install a Swimming Pool

McGhee Enterprises, LLC has proudly served the Lowcountry’s custom pool installation needs for over ten years. When you work with us, our licensed and insured technicians will install your swimming pool with professionalism, and we will provide you and your family with expert service.

As a homeowner, you may wonder what the benefits of adding a pool to your home are. Listed below are some of the top benefits of installing a pool at your property:

  1. The first and perhaps most important is that having a swimming pool will increase your property value especially if you live in a higher-end neighborhood and most of your neighbors have pools. Think about it this way, if most of your, neighbors have pools and you don’t, and you are trying to sell what will make buyers want your house?
  2. A pool can be good for your sleep; it can help with insomnia without the need for medication. Also, if you have trouble getting your kids to sleep on time having a pool at home can make things easier.  While swimming and wasting time in the pool are both great ways to burn off energy, just being in the pool lowers your body temperature causing you to expend energy internally to balance things out.
  3. You never have to leave your house! Picture a hot day in Charleston. Now imagine trying to load a screaming baby and excited toddler into a hot car to go to the local pool. How many bags of stuff are you going to have to put in the car before you are ready to go? Even if you don’t have kids, no one wants to battle the Charleston traffic on a hot day to go to a beach filled with tourists or the crowded local swimming pool.
  4. When you get a custom inground pool, it will be the center of all your backyard BBQ and hangouts. Swimming pools are the most wanted summer commodity. If you know anyone who has a pool, you know an invite to their house is the most sought after one in the neighborhood.  If you want to host cookouts at your home every weekend, have a party with the whole block, or just float around with all your friends, having a pool provides endless activities all summer long.
  5. Anyone who has spent any time in Charleston, South Carolina in the summer knows it can get hot, very hot, cook an egg on the sidewalk hot. Do you want to be out in that heat with the 90% humidity? Or would you rather be relaxing in your backyard? Plus, with the weather in South Carolina, you can happily enjoy your swimming pool most of the year.
  6. While swimming in the pool is a great work out you don’t have to be a swimmer to improve your physical fitness. Walking and jogging are also great low impact exercises for the pool. The water provides extra resistance while protecting the joints and bones. Also, most people find working out in the water more fun and will more likely stick with working out than they would on dry land.

It’s already getting hot in Charleston, South Carolina, so don’t wait for the full brunt of the summer heat to come to get a swimming pool installed in your backyard. Start working with us today and when summer comes be cool in your McGhee Enterprises pool.

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