Which Pool Shape Fits Your Family Best?

For any homeowner planning to install a pool, choosing the pool shape and style is an exciting –and perhaps overwhelming – endeavor. After all,
swimming pools come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and designs, and you want one that suits the needs of both your family and your yard. McGhee LLC is here to help! Go through our list of the most popular pool shapes to help you decide on the pool shape thats right for you.

Find the Right Pool Shape

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1. Rectangular

Practical and pleasing, the rectangular shaped pool, with its long, straight lines, is
a favorite of those who want to swim laps. In addition to lap style pools, reflection
pools have also traditionally been rectangular in shape.

2. Oval or Round

A compromise between the traditional rectangular pools and the more eccentric
custom shapes, elliptical or oval shaped pools are perennial favorite among pool

3. Kidney

The first kidney-shaped swimming pool was designed in 1948 by an eminent
landscape architect for a California family. The eye-catching design was
photographed for many magazines, and from that moment on, the kidney shaped
became a desirable and designer choice for residential swimming pools.

4. The Figure-8

This hourglass shape of pool was inspired by nature: the Figure Eight Pools of
Sydney's Royal National Park in Australia. Located along a coastal rock shelf, the
pools form near-perfect figure-8 shapes. For residential use, the Figure-8 is
attractive and offers plenty of swimming space.

5. The Octagon

If you remember high school geometry, an octagon has eight equal sizes. If your
pool will be part of a formal or classical design, an octagon-shaped pool is an
elegant choice.

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6. The “L”

Resembling the letter of its namesake, L-shaped pools are interactive, flexible
and fun. If you want a deep end for diving but still plenty of swallow water for
splashing around, the L shape may suit you to a “t.”

7. Grecian and Roman

A tribute to the centuries-old Greek and Roman architecture, these classically
styled pool shapes are both variations on the traditional rectangular pool. The Grecian features a rectangular shape, except the corners are modified:
typically with a gentle inward rounding. The Roman, more popular than The Grecian, also begins with the rectangular shape but has rounded corners on both ends of the pool.


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