4 Top Pool Landscaping Tips for the Summer!

Get Your Yard Looking Great with Pool Landscaping

Summer is almost here, time to fully enjoy your pool and backyard! Before you host a cook out or pool party, get your pool and backyard looking their best with these pool landscaping tips and ideas.

McGhee Blog summer pool landscaping with rocks

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Use the simplicity and ease of rocks to add interest around your pool. Large rocks create dimension in your landscaping.  Plus, this no-fuss addition takes the place of mulch and plants that require regular upkeep, giving you more time to enjoy your pool! McGhee Enterprises can deliver and place rock in your landscaping! Call us today to set up an appointment.

Mcghee blog summer pool landscaping with light

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The glow of lights in your backyard will make the simplest pool landscaping seem dramatic. Add attractive ambiance to your backyard with the use of spotlights and hanging patio lights. Long summer nights drift into warm nights, the perfect time for a swim! With adequate lighting you can keep the pool party going long into the night.

McGhee blog summer landscaping with light Mcghee blog summer pool landscaping with light

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Using clever disguises to hide unsightly pool pumps and equipment is the perfect addition to your pool landscaping. Just be sure to keep them accessible for maintenance and repair. This surround and storage solution to hide pool pump is attractive and functional. Here’s a useful guide with tips for building your own pool pump cover.

McGhee blog summer pool landscaping ideas disguise

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Choose the right plants

Keep in mind several tips when choosing plants to use around your pool. Choose plants that do not shed leaves and foliage often. This will save you cleanup time! Also, find plants that can take full-sun and don’t require a lot of water. This may seem counter-intuitive, but you want to save water for your pool, not your plants! Here are some more tips in a handy image.

Mcghee blog summer pool landscaping ideas plants

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Step Up the Safety

Nothing will ruin pool time like an accident. While you’re preparing your pool for summer parties and fun in the sun, take time to install safety features.

  1. Install extra safety locks on all doors leading to your pool. Put them above reach of your children.
  2. Install a pool fence around your pool with a gate that a child cannot open.
  3. Install an alarm on doors leading to the pool and on the gate for the pool fence.
  4. Keep furniture away from the pool fence so your child cannot climb on the furniture and over the fence.
  5. Keep rescue equipment near the pool – a lifesaver and shepherd’s hook.
  6. Keep pool and spa drains covered.
  7. Have your pool inspected to ensure all equipment and structure is sound.
  8. Learn CPR and teach your child how to swim.




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