Dive In! MCGhee Custom Pool & Spa Options

Ready for a custom pool from McGhee Enterprises?

When you are looking to buy a pool or spa, you may just picture one design. Now there are a host of inground pool designs in many shapes and sizes. When you buy a pool from McGhee Enterprises, you are only limited by your imagination! Check out these ideas for a custom pool.

Rectangular pools are now known as geometric pools and they also been given a new life and will look fantastic in your backyard today and for years to come. Meanwhile, inground pool designs you may not have realized existed include freeform pools, L-Shaped pools, lap pools and custom pools and spas.

Geometric Pools

The Geometric Pool Design is the one most customers visualize when they think about inground pool designs. This design has multiple variations one of the most popular is the Grecian style pool; this pool has cut corners instead of 45-degree corners. Alternatives of this design include the Roman style pool and the Venetian style pool.

Often customers choose their pool due to the shape of their backyard. The Geometric Pool Design is ideal if you have a rectangular backyard because it matches the shape of the yard.

L-Shaped Pools

Another custom pool design option for customers to consider is an L-Shaped Pool. These are best for clients who have yards that go off either to the right or left. This type of pool allows the pool to go around a corner or to mirror the shape of customer’s home. There is the Full L which is almost like two pools attached to each other at a 90-degree angle.

Meanwhile, the “Lazy-L” pool shape, is more like a Hockey Stick pool shape, the additional section juts out at a 45-degree, instead of the 90-degree turn the “True-L” pool configuration uses.

Freeform Pools

A Freeform Pool is simply a pool without the hard lines of Geometric Pool or an L-Shaped Pool. Freeform pools are the best pools for someone who likes curves. We can match your backyard, terrain, and landscaping with a Freeform Pool better than with a Geometric Pool. Freeform Pools are also an innovative idea if everything on your property seems overly rectangular – they can add some balance, and soften the lines in the backyard.

Lap Pools

A lap pool can be an excellent addition to any backyard. If you aren’t an athlete don’t count it out, it is an ingenious idea for both serious swimmers or simply for relaxation. A lap pool is an ideal solution for clients with smaller areas available for pools. When you buy a lap pool, say hello to easy maintenance!

This pool design is not only used for strength training for swimming laps but is also great for physical therapy, water aerobics, aquatic exercise, hydrotherapy and water sports like volleyball. We can also add swim systems that allow you to swim against an adjustable rate of water flow to increased endurance and for competitive training, giving you a truly custom pool.

Custom Pool and Spa

If none of these pool designs match what you are looking for, we can make something just for you! McGhee Enterprises can create pools in a variety of shapes and sizes. Want custom pools and spas, designed to look like a guitar, a violin, a heart, or dog bone? All these and more are possible! These custom pools and spas are designed to add your style to your backyard and will surely be the talk of any gathering.

So, contact McGhee Enterprises today and be the talk of your neighborhood this summer!







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