6 Things to Consider if You’re Considering Buying a Hot Tub

hot tubComing home to a hot tub sure sounds nice, doesn’t it? Especially this time of year. Actually, if you’re looking for a way to slow down and relax, or for relief from arthritis, fibromyalgia or other physical aliments, a hot tub can be your answer any time of year.


Before you make your hot tub dream a reality, here a six things to consider:


  1. What’s your budget? 

Right off the bat, this can help you decide to focus your sights on an above ground spa or a more expensive in-ground tub.


  1. Which features are must-haves? 

Hot tubs today can come with seemingly unlimited fun features and fancy frills, so set some priorities on what your tub MUST have.


  1. Where will you put it?

In addition to looking at the physical location – where in your backyard your tub would work best – you also want to consider the surface you want to use to support the tub. There are three main types of surfaces you can use as a foundation: concrete, deck or spa pad. If you don’t already have a solid deck or concrete patio in your backyard, a prefabricated spa pad will likely be the most convenient option.


  1. How many people will use it? 

Will the hot tub be for just you and your significant other or will it be a gathering place for the whole family or a magnet for your teen and all his or her friends? Know how much use your tub will get by how many users will help you pick the right size.


  1. How tall are they? 

Most people don’t think about this, but it’s an important factor. Most, but not all, molded spa seats are designed for people of average height and weight. Shorter people may have to sit on the edge of the seat or bob up and down to keep their head above water. Taller people, on the other hand, may need to slouch to keep their shoulders submerged.


  1. See if you can do a “wet test.”

Hot tub comfort is a very personal thing (see the previous point) and most experts agree that the best way to find the one that suits your needs is to do a “wet test.” This means visiting a dealer and getting into a variety of hot tubs (yes, filled with water) to try out the feel of the seats and water jets. Try out as many different models as you can and don’t forget your swimsuit!


The Next Steps…

Now that you’ve done your homework, picked your perfect model, selected your accessories and thoughtfully designed your backyard, now comes the most exciting part: hot tub installation. That’s when you contact us and let us take it from there!



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