3 Steps to Perfect Pool Temperature Year-Round

Family swim in warm pool temperature

Keep the perfect pool temperature year-round with these simple steps.

You work hard to maintain your pool. Why limit enjoying it to only a few months in the summer? With these easy steps, you can keep a comfortable pool temperature year-round and spend quality time with your family in the water, no matter the season.

Comfortable pool temperatures range from 78 degrees to 82 degrees. The biggest key to keeping your pool in this temperature range is having the right tools. Efficiency and cost-savings are also important factors to consider. We provide you with some great tips below to keep your pool temperature perfect all year without breaking the bank.

Insulated pool cover

Most of the heat from your pool is lost through water evaporation. A pool cover not only keeps debris out of your pool, it also helps maintain your water temperature. Keeping the cover on until you are ready to use the pool and replacing it as soon as you are done will work wonders at keeping your pool the perfect temperature. Winter isn’t the only season for your pool cover. Use it year-round to keep water and expensive pool chemicals from evaporating and save time cleaning.

Keep in mind several pool cover options:

  • A transparent cover will allow sunlight to warm your pool water while preventing evaporation. This is a handy way to let nature help keep your pool temperature warm.
  • Some pool covers fit on tracks alongside the pool offering a high level of safety. These covers prevent kids from entering the pool while they are on and bare the weight of a child in the event they accidentally fall onto the cover. This is a great option for keeping your family safe while also efficiently maintaining water temperature.

Kids swimming underwater and playing with toys in comfortable pool temperature

Heat pump pool heaters

Choosing the right heat pump for your pool will save you time and money. A heat pump pool heater is much more efficient than gas pool heaters, although they are more expensive. Your heat pump will more than make up for that cost over time with energy savings.

When shopping for a heat pump, consider its size, efficiency, and cost. To determine the appropriate size for your pump, let McGhee Enterprises, LLCdo a size analysis and guide you in choosing the perfect pump. For more information on cost savings and pump efficiency, check out this article on energy.gov.

Pool Heater App

This Android app available on Google Play lets you control pool temperature from the convenience of your smart phone. Using a Wi-Fi connection, you can adjust your desired water temperature and set heating timers. You can also track water temperatures, allowing you to spot patterns and plan heating times more efficiently.

Whether you are taking a dip to escape the heat of summer, or swimming laps to stay active in the winter, McGhee Enterprises, LLC believes you should enjoy your pool year-round. Let us help you make the most of your outdoor recreation with pool installation this year!


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